Chris Timpson OAM

Chris Timpson has been deeply involved, as a coach and manager in the sport of gymnastics since 1967. Chris developed the gymnastics program at the YMCA with now more than 1000 participants involved in the program. .

In 1971, in addition to his gymnastics coaching, Chris also started a comprehensive exercise, sport and gymnastics program for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Since 1996 Chris has volunteered approximately

20 hours per week of his time as Head Coach of the ACT Junior Talent Squad for Athletes with a Disability at the ACT Athletics Club. Over the years Chris’ coaching has resulted in a number of ACT athletes with a disability competing at the Paralympics. Chris has also managed Australian gymnastics teams going to

  • Commonwealth Games in Christchurch in 1974
  • Australian Junior Men’s Tour of NZin 1976
  • Australian Men’s Tour of West Germany in 1983
  • World Championships in France in 1987

Chris has been honoured for his work in gymnastics with a number of awards:

  • The Canberra Times Award for Community Service to Sport 1982
  • Gymnastics Australia Award of Merit for the contribution to Australian Gymnastics 1988
  • ACT Children’s Week Awards for outstanding contribution to the needs, welfare and interests of children in the ACT 1999
  • Australian Sports Medal 2000
  • Disabilities Sport Award for service to children with a disability 2003
  • Order of Australia (O.A.M.) for service to sport and to children with disabilities, particularly through the ACT Junior Talent Squad for Athletes with Disabilities.
  • Athletics ACT – Athletics Coach for athletes with a disability 2001-2; 2003-4; 2007-8; 2009-10
  • Clubs ACT Volunteer Sportstar of the Year 2008
  • Official of the Year Award ACT Athletics 2011- 2012 season
  • Life membership of Gymnastics ACT


Born: 6 May 1941

Inducted: 2014


Associate Member