Christian Lealiifano

Voters Statements:

  • Christian’s kindness and consideration to children who live with abuse and being a strong male role model sets him apart. Christian is a strong leader on the pitch and commands respect in all he does.
  • Christian’s loyalty to the brumbies through the good and bad times and his ability to lead and fight through tough times of adversity on and off the field makes him a worthy of the People’s Sporting Champion.
  • Christian’s sportsmanship, charisma, selflessness and smile are always present no matter the situation. He is a true champion and role model on and off the rugby field.
  • Christian is the most hardworking, humble, loyal, helpful, respectful person there is.
  • Christian is always a gentleman on and off the field. He represents Australia and Canberra with aplomb. Christian is a local family man and a great part of the ACT community.
  • Christian is a champion who always overcomes adversity whether it be on or off the field. He inspires others by showing tremendous strength and remaining positive against his battle with leukemia.
  • Christian is a champion of a man who demonstrates what it means to be involved in local sport and be part of the local community, heading down and watching the kids play on a Saturday. Legend.