Ginninderra Basketball Club

In November 2015, a generous young man passionate about all sports, Elijah Arranz, was involved in a tragic skydiving accident that left him in a critical condition. In the true spirit of Eli, his Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club rallied together behind one of his close friends to support one of their own in need. Using one of his beloved sports, basketball, as a platform the Rats Club organised a 24 hour basketball fund raiser to assist Eli and his family in his recovery.  The event, held from 12pm-12pm on 19-20 December 2015, ran for the full 24 hours, featuring a range of basketball games, activities and events, and raising a significant amount of money to assist Eli through the generosity of the basketball stakeholders and the wider ACT community, Eli is an incredible young man, and is determined to overcome his injuries and one day run a marathon. The club is very proud of this achievement and the involvement in the event from the basketball and local community as a whole.