Harry Marr

Harry was the inaugural General Manager of ACT Sports House (established in 1983). In 1992 ACT Sports House became ACTSPORT, the industry representative group for Sport and Recreation in the ACT until 2015.

Harry was the driving force behind Sports House which was a leading concept in Australia for the development of sporting organisations at all levels in the ACT.

He was the father of the “incubator principle” for community sport where small sports such as Netball, Touch Football, Football, Baseball etc. benefited greatly from the association and close proximity to the larger more progressive sporting organisations.

Harry along with the ACTSPORT Board and the government of the day drove the evolution of ACTSPORT into what it became. Harry was the operational drive behind its development and was a leader in establishing its creditability with all stakeholders, in particular government and ACTSPORT’s membership.

Harry retired in 1993 leaving a legacy and platform that successive boards and management were able to build upon to ensure the sport and recreation industry was well recognised and supported in the betterment of all sport in the ACT Community.

Harry’s extra ordinary vision, drive, strategic thinking and selfless determination immeasurably contributed to the success of the sporting industry in the ACT over the past 20 years.



Born: 28 February 1928

Deceased: 6 May 2020

Inducted: 2014


Associate Member