James (Jim) Brophy

James Brophy’s contributions to the community and sport in particular, spanned some three decades from the late 1930’s onwards. James Brophy never played or umpired hockey, but he devoted more than 25 years to administration of the game. James wrote the game reports for the First Grade competition each Saturday for the “Canberra Times” right up until his death in 1969. When the ACT Hockey Association instituted an award for best and fairest player in the First Grade competition, they named it the Brophy medal. James was the first country member to receive Life Membership to the NSW Amateur Swimming Association. Other organisations to recognise James Brophy’s contributions with Life Membership include ACT Hockey Association (1955), NSW Hockey Association (1958), Canberra Amateur Swimming Association (1959), the Australian National Eisteddfod Society (1959) and NSW Junior Hockey Association (1964).   Swimming 1940-45   Vice President, Canb Amateur Swimming Assoc. 1945-46   Secretary, Canb Amateur Swimming Assoc. 1946-47   President, Canb Amateur Swimming Assoc. 1949-1960’s President, Southern Districts Amateur Swimming Assoc. 1950-1967 Chairman, Country Committee Assoc. 1951-1968 VP, NSW Amateur Swimming Assoc.   Hockey 1944-64   President, ACT Hockey Assoc. 1959-62   VP, ACT Junior Hockey Assoc. 1960      Senior VP, NSW Hockey Assoc. 1960-1962 President, NSW Junior Hockey Assoc. 1961-1962 VP, NSW Hockey Assoc.   Football 1940      VP, Canberra Australian National Football League 1940-42   President, Canberra Australian National Football Junior League 1941-42   Senior Vice President, Canberra Australian National Football League   SWIMMING, HOCKEY & FOOTBALL Born: 26 September 1889 Inducted: 1997   Associate Member