Jarrod Croker

Voters Statements:

  • Jarrod is a fine, upstanding, inspirational and model sportsperson. He is a great role model, the highest NRL point scorer and NRL captain of the year for 2016. Jarrod always has time for the fans and is a champion Canberra can be proud of.
  • The Jarrod plays, represents the Canberra Raiders on and off the field and the way he treats his fans and goes that extra bit is why he should be named People’s Sporting Champion. He always keeps his cool and is a great mentor for young players.
  • After many years to forget, The Canberra Raiders are in a place where culture and community are at the forefront of everything they do. No one encapsulates that more than the Captain, Jarrod Croker.  He has always shown leadership, only now has the team and the club been able to platform themselves the way they should. With Jarrod at the helm, the future is bright.
  • Jarrod leads the Raiders with pride, passion and commitment. He always has time for the fans and is often seen giving his headgear, boots and shorts to young fans in the crowd. Jarrod is proud to live in and represent Canberra. Jarrod has been one of the best players in the NRL this year and is one of the main reasons why the Raiders finished second.