Joanne Brown (nee Alchin)

Joanne Brown exhibited her talent for the sport of softball from an early age. From her first game at the age of nine, it took only three years for here to be selected into an ACT team and was playing in the ACT Open Women’s team by the age of 13. Joanne played over 200 games for the ACT, in the U16, U19 and Open’s teams, and 150 games for the ACT in the Fastpitch Softball League.

Joanne played in her first Australian team at age 18, and at the Youth World Championships in 1991 Joanne was named captain, acknowledging Joanne’s exceptional skill and understanding of the game. After this tournament, Joanne accepted a scholarship at University of California at Los Angeles. In 1992 UCLA won the NCAA title, and Joanne was named in the All American All Star team.

Joanne’s international career spanned 10 years, amassing a total of 244 games representing Australia. Highlights of her career are the two Olympic bronze medals she received in 1996 and 2000, and the silver medal at the Women’s World Championships in 1998. One of the best of Joanne’s achievements is her performance at the 1996 Olympics.

In Australia’s round match against the USA, Joanne hit a home run in the last innings to give Australia the win, making them the only team to defeat the Americans, who eventually went on to win the Gold. This hit put Olympic Softball on the cover of “USA Today”, a feat which not even Kieren Perkins managed with his second Olympic Gold medal.

In recognition of Joanne’s outstanding talent and success in the sport of softball, she was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2004. Joanne has displayed the strength and stamina of what it takes to be an athlete competing at the highest international level and is an outstanding member of the sporting community in the ACT.



Born: 7 April 1972

Inducted: 2005


Full Member