Kenneth MacDonald OAM

Described as a “living legend” at Eastlake Football Club, Kenneth MacDonald was involved with the administration of Australian football for over 50 years.

Kenneth was a life member of the Eastlake Football Club and of the ACT League, and is also a recipient of the National Football League’s certificate of merit for his contribution to football.

Over such a long period, Ken’s achievements were numerous including guiding a leading football club to many sporting successes. In addition, he was instrumental in establishing and managing a licensed club with the key objective of advancing sport in general, not just Australian football.

In a fine example of determination, it was Ken’s drive that led to the development of the clubhouse adjacent to Kingston Oval in 1953. He organised the labour for this endeavour and helped redirect the project many years later.

One must look no further than Ken’s Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), for proof of Ken’s drive, energy and dedication to his sport. His achievements stand out for all the sporting community to see.




Born: 17 August 1920

Deceased: 3 July 2014

Inducted: 2003


Associate Member