Lorne Lees

Lorne Lees was one of the ACT’s best-ever cricketers, representing the ACT from 1932-51. Lorne represented Southern Districts throughout the 1930’s, which was the highest level players could reach at that time unless they lived in Sydney.

In the first 60 years of Grade cricket in Canberra, an aggregate of 650 runs in a season was only achieved on five occasions – all by Lees. He also scored two of only three double-centuries scored in these 60 years.

He twice achieved an aggregate of 850 runs in a season, something that has only been achieved four times in the ACT. Lees was an excellent bowler, taking 65 wickets in one season, and was one of only three players in the ACT to take 16 wickets in a match.



Born: 27 November 1913

Deceased: 4 July 1970

Inducted: 1996


Full Member