Madeleine Scott

Madeleine Scott was born with Brachial plexus. In 2016 Madi was the only female representative picked to represent the ACT at the Para Olympic Games in Rio. There she achieved top 10 finishes in all events that she entered, winning a silver medal in the 4×100 metre medley relay. Despite the challenges that any disability can provide, Madi has proven through her passion for swimming that anything is possible. Madi has had incredible success in her swimming career with a number of medals at both International and National levels, together with holding a world record in 2010 for the 50m butterfly (S9). Success in sport is made up of many things, but we must remember that Madi is just an ordinary person who is absolutely focussed on her goals and achieving extraordinary results. She is an inspiration to all within the local swimming community and encourages millions on the world stage with her passion and love for her sport and her self-belief that she can, and has, achieved anything.