Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma, President of the Indian Australian Multicultural Sports Association (IAMSA), provides various opportunities to the community to participate in physical activities as well as supporting those in need. Sanjay delivered his first Cricket Blast program for kids this year all the while continuing to deliver various sports tournaments and activities through IAMSA. Sanjay’s tireless work in the community never stops and he is always looking to do more. The multicultural community seek sport as a way to connect with the Canberra community, and Sanjay’s work in this space is integral to the community’s connection. Sanjay is looking to run Cricket Blast again for the kids as well as entering teams into the ACT Junior Cricket Competition for the first time. Through delivering these activities and initiatives, the culture within the community is strong. Sanjay’s work in partnership with Cricket ACT/NSW and Sydney Thunder to conduct specific multicultural cricket programs across all genders and age groups looks to thrive this season.