Trudy Fajri

Trudi’s passion for kids to play AFL knows no bounds! She is a very passionate club President and is dedicated to players, their families, committee members, coaches and everyone involved in the Wildcats. Trudi’s dedication to AFL and sport in general often engages her with other clubs to talk through opportunities and plans to make improvements for players and community clubs to survive and prosper. Through these talks one of the initiatives the club has taken is to stop using single use plastics. Trudi engaged local media to support this, to help spread the word and show others how see the change is achievable.

Over the 2021 season, COVID affected a major sponsorship deal, so Trudi made it her mission to find other local businesses to fill the gap so the club could still provide the new balls, equipment, uniforms and a game day experience from the Rookies through to U15’s. Trudi was also responsible this year for securing funds from the Good For Footy Grants Program by Toyota. This enabled the club to fit out a huge team of U14 Youth Girls with brand new guernseys and shorts.