Paul Narracott

As the youngest Australian ever to win the Australian Men’s Open 100 metre Sprint Championship, Paul Narracott is considered by many sports journalists, coaches and athletes as Australia’s greatest 100 metre sprinter.

Looking at the statistics it is easy to see why. In his track and field career, Paul went on to win six Australian 100 metre Open Championships and represent Australia at the World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

In his most notable performance, Paul placed seventh in the 1983 World Championships in Helsinki. In achieving this he became the first Australian male sprinter since 1956 to compete in a world class 100 metre final. For this remarkable achievement Paul was awarded the Sport Australia Award for 1983.

Whilst not restricting his talent to a single sport, Paul went on to become a dual Olympian when he represented Australia in bobsleigh at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. In doing so Paul became the only Australian in Olympic history to have represented Australia in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Paul Narracott has competed for his club, the ACT and Australia at the most elite sporting levels. In his career Paul was recognised as a true sportsman, competitor and ambassador for his sport. A worthy inductee into the Hall of Fame, Paul has done the ACT community proud.



Born: 8 October 1959

Inducted: 2003


Full Member