Peter Baskett

Peter Baskett was a moving force in the administration of basketball in Canberra in its formative years and through its development as a State organisation following separation from NSW in 1965.

Peter was the administrative rudder that saw the Association evolve from the kitchen table to a professionally managed organisation (1976 -86).

He is one of a small band of enthusiasts who, during a period when “that American game” was not well known and fighting for recognition, saw the potential of the sport as a fine recreational sport and its for its broader appeal.

During his term as ACT representative on the Committee and, later, the Board of the Australian Basketball Federation (now Basketball Australia), Peter strongly advanced the position of the ACT in decisions affecting Australian basketball. He was able to take an Australian view, rather than the prevailing parochial state view, to Committee meetings. He was a strong advocate in promoting the equality of women’s basketball. This approach and persistence is evidenced by the high world standing attained today by Australia’s women players.

Peter was the first President of the Women’s National Basketball League. At the end of his term in 1990, all States and ACT had teams in the League, making it the only truly national league in any women’s sport.

His commitment has been unstinting and far in excess of that which might be expected in the normal course of his responsibilities. Basketball both locally and nationally has been well served by Peter and the sport and community is richer for that commitment.

Peter has continued to support local basketball in his role as Voluntary Chairman and member of the Basketball ACT Disciplinary Tribunal.


Australian Sports Medal:                                           2000

Life Member Basketball Canberra:                           1981

1st Life Member Women’s Nat B/ball League:        1990


Basketball Canberra

President:                                                        1971, 72, 78 – 91

Immediate Past President:                                         1992-93

Vice president:                                               1973, 75, 76, 77

Competition Chairman:                                             1968

Committee Member:                                     1967, 69, 70

Guardian, Code of Conduct:                          1999-2000



Born: 21 November 1938

Inducted: 2011


Associate Member