Peter McMenamin

Peter McMenamin began playing competition darts in Canberra in 1966 and in the same year he became involved as an administrator. Peter was President of the Canberra Darts Association and the ACT Darts Council for 16 years from 1968 until 1984. He was also President of the Australasian Darts Council from 1976 to 1980.

Not only was Peter’s dedication to darts visible in the ACT and Australian regions, but his contribution to the growth of darts on the world stage was highlighted during his four years as vice-president and 19 years as president of the World Darts Federation. Peter was involved in all aspects of the darts playing community, from coaching, officiating and from grass roots to top- level administration.



Born: 9 January 1935

Deceased: 20 February 2001

Inducted: 2001


Associate Member