Sal Giovinazzo

Sal Giovinazzo coaches the Belconnen United Football Club (Blue Devils) Women’s Premier League Under 20 team. In 2016 the team has won its fifth consecutive premiership. In three of those five years the team has been undefeated. This was achieved through Sal’s development of the local Belconnen players throughout that time. Sal is a perfect example of how volunteer coaches in the junior age groups are able to foster excellence in sport to the level that provides the nation’s elite sportswomen. Sal and his wife Monica, who manages the team, show how the strength of Australian sport is built upon the work of volunteers. Sal has a gift for understanding the game technically, being able to communicate that understanding clearly to the players, and knowing how to make best use of the young women’s natural affinity for teamwork. Much effort has been put into men’s football in Australia, but women’s football has not generally received the same level of support. Sal’s voluntary contribution of around 20 hours per week to Women’s Premier League football, together with Belconnen United’s strong support for its women’s teams, are developing some of the players that represent Australia at elite level, now and in the future.