Steve Dodt

Steven Dodt is a selfless individual who provides leadership, support and direction through his commitment to athletes and athletics at Ginninderra and the wider athletics community of the ACT. Through personal commitment, endless hard work and tireless effort in a voluntary capacity, Steven makes a significant and positive difference to the sporting lives of many families and children in West Belconnen. Steven was President of Ginninderra Little Athletics Club (GLAC) from 2011-2014 and again since 2015. He is the inaugural president of UC Ginninderra Athletics Club (UC GAC) since its inception in 2015. In all Steven does for the athletics community of Canberra he displays care and a pure heart. Steven’s innovative ideas and on the ground hard work has seen hundreds of children, young adults, and others involved in Ginninderra athletics nurtured, supported, encouraged and provided with opportunities to grow, develop, learn and shine. Steven’s commitment to leadership, innovation and improvement of athletics in the ACT is unsurpassed. His willingness to take on positions of responsibility is typical of his dedication to athletics.  We expect that Steve’s contribution to our community will continue to be significant and positive into the future.