Susan Hobson

Born and bred in Canberra Susan Hobson started competing in Athletics at age 27 and in no started competing in Athletics at age 27 and in no time at all was soon competing at international level. Susan was first selected in the Australian team only 3 years after taking up Athletics. During her career Susan was a scholarship holder with the Australian Institute of Sport, ACT Academy of Sport and West Australian Institute of Sport. In Australia she has won an astounding 6 National Titles in track, cross country and the marathon. She held the Australian Resident Record for the fastest marathon run by an Australian female in Australia for seven years. These are truly remarkable achievements for someone who did not start competing until 27 years of age. Her determination and hard work has culminated in an amazing 12 year international career full of great memories. Her contribution and passion for athletics cannot be measured. Susan’s achievements have been recognised by Athletics having been awarded the Athletics Australia Edwin Flack Award and winning the ACT Athletics Globe award on three different occasions. She still plays a very valuable role in Athletics through coaching, officiating and volunteering. Susan is currently a board member of ACT Athletics and the Athletics Australia Distance Running Commission. Susan was previously an Australian Institute of Sport Track and Field Scholarship Coach and has been National Team Coach on several occasions including the 2006 Commonwealth Games. ATHLETICS Born: 13 March 1958 Inducted: 2007   Full Member