Tanisha Jory

Voters Statements:

  • Tanisha’s attitude toward her sport, her determination and passion are al something to be rewarded, and that make her someone to look up to.
  • She works incredibly hard, never gives up, and is always modest and supportive of others.
  • As the 2016 ACT Champion for Intermediate Ladies, Tanisha continues to excel in her chosen sport, with a fantastic attitude towards her training and competitions and is very inclusion at the rink. She always engages with our younger skaters and is the perfect role model for up and coming figure skaters in the ACT.
  • An inspirational skater who skates with grace and determination whilst leading supporting and encouraging junior skaters to follow their dreams
  • Tanisha is a highly motivated young lady who demonstrates exemplary work ethics in all she does. She gives 110% commitment to training, building skills, improving and competition.
  • Tanisha is a wonderful ambassador for ACT in Figure Skating. She combines tremendous sportsmanship, dedicated training, respect for others, together with stand out skating performances, technically and artistically, engaging audiences.
  • Tanisha embraces deeply the notion of a being a ‘true sports-person’ through sincerity and chivalry to all, embracing what is duly the meaning of a 21st century sports mentor.
  • Tanisha embodies the gracefulness, effort, attitude and tenacity that a champion should aspire to have. A pleasure to watch.