Woden Valley Gymnastics Club

Woden Valley Gymnastics fully embraces the principles of inclusion and diversity within the sport of gymnastics and the Canberra community. The club is committed to the fact that gymnastics is a foundation sport for everybody. It successfully introduced unique and stimulating inclusion programs that motivate participants of all ages to become involved in sport. These programs include Enable Gym for people of all ages and special needs, Groove and Move for older members of our community and gymnastics for all, all in all embracing participation by all members of the Canberra Community. These three programs allow all members of the community, without discrimination of age, culture, race or sex, to access a world class gymnastics facility on their doorstep. With access to the clubs highly trained coaches Woden Valley Gymnastics gives a positive platform for participants to reap the positive physical, social and psychological benefits provided by the sport of gymnastics.